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Too often, police officers abuse their power and their weapons on innocent people, or otherwise engage in police brutality.  At the Flynn Law Office, we advocate for police accountability, and we represent people who have been injured or otherwise harmed by the police.

Police Accountability/

Acontabilitid de la Policia

There are millions of hardworking immigrant families in the Unites States who get caught up in unfair and excessive immigration or police enforcement actions.  Increased congressional funding for immigration enforcement has meant a dragnet that divides families, terrorizes communities, and isolates people. At the Flynn Law Office, We represent individuals in immigration court and affirmative petitions with USCIS. Contact us for a free consultation.
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for a free consultation at michael[at]flo-law.com. We have no agreement to represent you unless or until we create a signed agreement.

Immigration Law/

Ley de Inmigracion

At the Flynn Law Office, we practice employment law, immigration, police misconduct, personal injury, and other areas of law. We represent workers in individual cases and class actions, in claims for unpaid overtime, other unpaid wages, missed meal and rest breaks, as well as cases of illegal discrimination and/ or retaliation.  We handle immigration cases, representing people in immigration court, bond hearings, removal proceedings, and to request visas before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. 


On 16 June 2017, Mr. R Michael Flynn and co-counsel Jessica Juarez achieved a successful $797.193.33 damage award in favor of their client, Plaintiff Patricia Tapia, based on claims of retaliation under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Below is an article published on NBC news about the verdict.

Jury Finds San Jose Fire Department Retaliated Against Firefighter
By Michelle Roberts
Published at 6:07 PM PDT on Jun 16, 2017

A South Bay firefighter is celebrating a win Friday after a jury found the San Jose Fire Department retaliated against her after she claimed she was passed over for promotions because she's a woman.

"It's overwhelming for someone to say we heard you," SJFD Battalion Chief Patricia Tapia said.

Tapia burst into tears when the jury announced its verdict, saying the fire department did retaliate against her.

"It's the leadership that needs to be held accountable for the way they treat the employees of the fire department," Tapia said.

Tapia said she applied for 10 promotions in the last five years and has been denied each time.

In 2012, Tapia and her colleague Debra Ward settled a discrimination lawsuit, but said following the case they were both punished for speaking up.

"Maybe it has changed something," Ward said. "Maybe they'll think twice before doing it again."

On Friday, the jury did not find that the city or fire department had discriminated or retaliated against Ward, who is now retired. She calls the verdict a dissapointment.

"We strive to make this a safe workplace for everyone," San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle said.

Doyle stopped short of saying the culture at the fire department needed to change, but did say "education, awareness and a little more sensitivity" will be looked at.

Those are things Ward and Tapia are hoping to see more of.

"I'll keep raising my hand and opening my mouth in doing whatever it takes and make sure others follow behind me," Tapia said. "It's important."

Tapia won about $800,000 in damages. Ward's lawyer said they will consider an appeal.

https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Jury-Finds-San-Jose-Fire-Department-Retaliated-Against-Firefighter-428989393.htmlType your paragraph here.

Employment Law & Workers' Rights/ Ley de Empleo y Derechos de Trabajadores

Wage and hour and anti-discrimination/ harassment laws provide important protections for workers, and generally require employers to treat their employees with dignity and respect.  Unfortunately, many employees do not know their rights or are unable to enforce their rights due to intimidation from management. Many employers fail to follow the law because they think it is cheaper to break the law, and/or they simply fail to educate themselves of workers' rights.  At the Flynn Law Office, we are dedicated to defending and advancing workers' rights. We represent workers in individual cases, multi-plaintiff cases, and class actions.