The Flynn Law Office has successfully handled many cases involving sexual harassment and gender discrimination. We are co-counseling with other members of the Oakland Law Collaborative (, to hold accountable the University of California, Berkeley, and professors at UC Berkeley who have sexually harassed undergraduate students and graduate student employees.

Newsweek U.S.
Amid Mounting Complaints, UC Berkeley Vows to Fix Campus Sexual Harassment

By Max Kutner On 4/15/16

[Excerpt from article]

“It seems like most of the attention…has focused on the student-on-student situation of sexual harassment or sexual assault, but there’s not enough attention focused on the faculty members engaging in sexual harassment,” says R. Michael Flynn, one of the lawyers for Bennett and Gutierrez. “It’s a rampant problem, a failure to hold professors accountable for sexual harassment.”

Flynn, the lawyer, says the 19 employees named in the documents could be “only the tip of the iceberg” for sexual harassment at the university, as survivors are often afraid to come forward and file reports.

Flynn also says the problem is not unique to Berkeley. Indeed, the University of California, Los Angeles, and Wesleyan University are among the schools reportedly dealing with similar claims. “It’s a pervasive problem in our society and too many workplaces,” Flynn says. “But you’d think a public institution like UC Berkeley—especially an institution that has a history for being a bastion of progressive movements and forward-thinking movements towards equality and civil rights—that they would have systems in place to prevent this and be a leader in changing the culture.”